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If you have third party insurance coverage, OrthoRx will send you a detailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance company.
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See answers to the most frequently asked questions. Have a question that isn't below? Contact us directly for any general questions.

Every insurance policy differs as to what items are covered and where you can obtain them from. OrthoRx will provide you with a detailed insurance receipt which will include all the necessary details for your insurer to make a decision on your claim. We are also happy to provide you with an estimate ahead of time to check your coverage. Click here to request and estimate.

Having the appropriate size items is important for your rehab success. We are committed to making your rehab journey a success. We will provide an exchange within 14 days. If your items do not fit we will ship you the correct size and provide a return shipping label.

Every physician is unique in their requirements and protocols for surgery. Specifying your physician ensures that you are shopping amongst items that are approved by your physician.

Yes. Most of the time your rehab items will be covered by WSIB if your surgery is related to your workplace injury. We at OrthoRx will navigate this process for you. For WSIB claims please contact us to obtain approval for your items.  The OrthoRx team will handle all of the billing and payment directly with WSIB. To begin a WSIB claim click here.

3-5 business days is our standard shipping time. Although items often arrive sooner.

We have a team of dedicated staff that is happy to schedule a call with you to go over your prescribed items and ensure that you get the correct items for your upcoming surgery. Contact OrthoRx by filling out the contact form here to request a call.